Die deutsche Fourcross Damenequippe

Riderportraits Winterberg

Since there isn’t much media coverage of 4Cross riders and their bikes it is our goal for this year to give you a special view in this range of the 4Cross racing scene.
Therefore we are starting with a short overview of the german and swiss racing team at the Winterberg Dirtmasters Festival. Stay tuned for the next episodes!

One of the germans overtaking specalist, Aiko Göhler, made it last year into the big final and reached the finish line as second. How will he succeed in this years race?
Aiko Göhler

Adrian Weiss had to recover from his last years accident with a broken collarbone in Winterberg. He seems to be strong again after winning the 2nd round of the Bergamont Swiss 4Cross Cup.
Adrian Weiss

Benedikt Last wears the jersey of the national champion for the first time in the elite category. Will it be also his first time in the big final of the 4X Pro Tour.
Benedikt Last

For the Swiss gun Simon Waldburger it is also the first time in the national jersey in the highest category. After his first semifinal at the JBC event last year he is ready for the next step.
Simon Waldburger

Behind Waldburger there will grow a new Swiss army out of BMX pros. One of them is Marco Muff who already showed a good performance last year at the world champs in Leogang.
Marco Muff

The Dirt Masters Festival in Winterberg is the place to meet after the long winter period. Especially the ladys enjoy this place to talk with the likes of them.
Die deutsche Fourcross Damenequippe

Unter 4Crossern begrüsst man sich natürlich ordentlich nach de

For the Swiss lady Lucia Oetjen it is one of the first international races after the world championships last year in Austria. Especially here in Winterberg she will pack out her BMX skills.
Lucia Oetjen

Julia Lackas showed her performance already at the south german national series with her first win. Now she also wants to step up onto a higher level in international races.
Julia Lackas

Jessica Schmulbach is a well-known face in the german ladies 4Cross scene. She will now also join some 4X Pro Tour races. Will it be her time to step up to the podium?
Jessica Schmulbach

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