#1 4X Pro Tour 2013 @ Poland

And the last weekend the biggest race series, the 4X Pro Tour, started on the beautiful track at Sczcawno-Zdroj in Poland. Tomas Slavik and Katy Curd could manage to repeat their wins from the last year.
Here is the complete podium of the men and women categories.

Elite Men:
1st Slavik Tomas
2nd Prokop Michael
3rd Beaumont Scott

Elite Women:
1st Curd Katy
2nd Oetjen Lucia
3rd Gros Céline

The detailed result lists can be found on the series webpage (www.4xprotour.com) or directly with this Link (Men) / Link (Women).

Charles Robertson

Race Reports:
Fourcross.tv – Race Report: 4X Pro Tour #1 Szczawno Zdroj

http://www.redbull.com/en/bike/stories/1331589321013/tomas-slavik-wins-2013-4x-protour-opener Tomáš Slavik wins 2013 4X ProTour opener

http://www.tomdowie.com/2013/05/4x-pro-tour-rnd-1-szczawno-zdroj-poland/ 4X Pro Tour Rnd 1-Szczawno-Zdroj, Poland

http://noxcycles.com/index.php/medias/news-archiv/88-lauf-der-4x-protour-in-polen 1. Lauf der 4X ProTour in Polen

http://www.nateparsons.co.uk/news/19 4x Protour Round 1 Poland

http://www.rlscyclingclub.com/news/race-report-4x-protour-2013-poland/89 Race Report: 4X Protour 2013, Poland

http://www.rosevaujany.com/race-report-katy-curd-wins-4x-pro-tour-1/ Race Report: Katy Curd wins 4X Pro Tour #1

http://www.203mm.com/en/news/videos/item/1426-video-4x-protour-2013-at-szczawno-zdroj#.UaeuGtu0Mr8 Video 4X ProTour 2013 at Szczawno-Zdroj

http://www.frontlinemag.net/2013/05/thomas-slavik-gewinnt4x-pro-tour-saisonstart-in-polen/ Thomas Slavik gewinnt 4x Pro Tour Saisonstart in Polen!

http://www.mtb-news.de/news/2013/05/05/4x-protour-1-siege-fuer-slavik-und-curd/ 4X Protour #1: Siege für Slavik und Curd

http://www.mtb-news.de/news/2013/05/07/rennbericht-von-benedikt-last-saisonauftakt-der-4x-pro-tour-im-polnischen-sczcawno-zdroj/ Rennbericht von Benedikt Last: Saisonauftakt der 4X Pro Tour im polnischen Sczcawno Zdroj

http://dirt.mpora.com/video-clips/katy-curd-2013-4x-pro-tour-rd1-szczawno-zdroj-poland.html Katy Curd: 2013 4X Pro Tour Rd1 – Szczawno Zdroj, Poland.

http://dirt.mpora.com/news/tomas-slavik-and-katy-curd-win-4x-protour-season-opener-in-poland.html Tomas Slavik and Katy Curd win 4x ProTour season opener in Poland

http://www.moredirt.co.uk/racing/4X-Pro-Tour-2013—Szczawno-Zdroj-Round-1-Report/4221/ 4X Pro Tour 2013 – Szczawno Zdroj: Round 1 Report

http://www.moredirt.co.uk/racing/Slavik-wins-4X-Pro-Tour-World-Series-Opener/4224/ Slavik wins 4X Pro Tour World Series Opener

http://www.pinkbike.com/news/4X-ProTour-Round-One-Results.html 4X ProTour: Round One – Results

http://www.pinkbike.com/news/4x-Pro-Tour-recap-and-photos.html 4X ProTour: Race Recap and Photos

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4X ProTour 2013 – Round One, Poland on Pinkbike

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