4Cross is one of the disciplines of Mountainbiking in which 4 riders compete at the same time on the same sloping track. This extraordinary sport is still fascinating thousands of people around the world. 4Cross has so many attractions which you don’t find in another format.

A Bit of History:

In the year 2000, 4Cross was born and replaced the till then well known dual slalom. Now the smart, tactical rider would prevail, as you could not just knock an opponent off and win. Four riders raced against each other on the same track. Big banked corners, huge jumps and high speed now gave the riders, the sponsors, the spectators, the governing bodies and most importantly the TV companies a sport that had everyone on the edge of their seats with excitement, as the riders were whittled down through the knockout stages until a winner was crowned.

Over the different years many expressions like 4X, Fourcross, Bikercross … were established for the same kind of action sport spirit. But only „4Cross“ has enforced it.

Typical 4Cross track:

  • is between 300 and 600 meters long
  • has a total vertical drop between 10 and 60 meters
  • has an electrical/pneumatic start gate with a special start light and sound system
  • has multiple curves and straights
  • has multiple Jumps from normal tables over doubles or tripples
  • is normally sectioned in one part to a „Pro“ (usually for men riders) and a „Normal/Chicken“ Line (usually for women and junior riders)
  • usage of electronic timing system in qualifying and High Speed Camera in race finals

Riders Equipment:

  • bike with fork
  • tyres
  • helmet and goggle
  • gloves
  • back, knee and elbow protection
  • neck brace

Interesting Facts:

The typcial race time of a single run is between 30 and 45 seconds.

Michal Marosi unique overtaking move in a wallride at the 4X ProTour race in JCB Bikepark (August 2013) was watched by millions of people!

The maximum velocity of a 4Cross rider could easily reach 50 km/h.

Jumps can consist of a 15 meter gap and height larger than 5 meters.

4Cross League

Behind the 4Cross League there is a small comittée consisting of few people from the national 4Cross Series.
The main goal is that 4Cross does his next step to the public and reaches more people in our world. 4Cross is definitely not Dead!!!
This platform comes with many new features never seen in the mountainbike sport and many helpful information about the world of 4Cross.